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"Semillero": A Necklace, A Narrative, A Celebration of Cultural Identity

"Semillero": A Necklace, A Narrative, A Celebration of Cultural Identity

In today's blog entry, I want to share the story of my necklace, "Semillero," and how imbuing an item with a particular idea can lead to unexpected and fascinating results.

Being born and raised in South America - Uruguay and Venezuela - has deeply impacted my art. It's always been a source of profound inspiration and motivation for my work. I have an unending affection for the diverse cultural elements that mold the unique Latin American identity, a confluence of Indigenous, European, and African heritages. Our cultural fabric is woven from these three distinct threads, and this amalgamation is beautifully evident in every aspect of our lives - be it in our delectable cuisine, the vibrant music, rich traditions, or even the language we speak.

Among the numerous pieces I've created over the years, one holds a special place in my heart - the "Semillero" necklace, which means 'seedbed' in Spanish. This piece is a tribute to our heritage, a precious medley of Indigenous, European, and African cultures.

In designing the Semillero, I used three metals: silver, gold, and copper. Each metal strand ends with actual palm seeds, adding a natural element to the design and symbolizing the richness and infinite possibilities of the region. In the clasp, I wrote some indigenous and African words assimilated by the Spanish language over the centuries.

The journey of the Semillero culminated in a significant milestone in 2006 when it was awarded first place at the prestigious Salon Nacional de Orfebreria in Venezuela. A recognition not just for my work but also for the idea it stands for - the celebration of the remarkable fusion of cultures that shapes our identity.

Creating this necklace was more than just fashioning metals and seeds; it was a deeper connection with my roots and our collective heritage. Through my work, I aim to keep reviving these profound cultural influences, intertwining past and present, tradition and innovation. As I continue to create, I am constantly reminded that the process is just as significant, if not more, as the end product. Each piece is a story, a celebration, a journey.

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