My story

I am a maker, and I come from a family of makers. One of the most captivating experiences from my early childhood was my first visit to my grandfather’s workshop. He was a ceramic artist. I still have a clear image of the place: the kilns, the dust, the smell of clay, the large worktables covered with pieces waiting to be fired, and of course, the beautiful finished pieces. It was a magical place that I have always wanted to go back to. Those images not only remained printed in my memory, but also cultivated my passion for artistic craftsmanship.


My professional art journey started like any other – with an idea and an impulse.  My previous work allowed me to travel the world and connect with people through art. It was amazing!  But still something was missing and I eventually realized what it was:  I missed creating art objects with my hands.  Today I create both jewelry and small sculpture, all of which is handmade in my studio in California.  My creations are inspired by my travels but also they are the result of my love for history, craft, and world cultures. My goal is to bring unique elements of the past into the present.


I strive to create contemporary jewelry that’s functional and beautiful for the modern world, yet takes you back through time in just one touch, reviving traditional crafts while looking ahead.  I like to imagine that I am creating small-scale sculptures that one can wear, keeping quality at the heart of all I do.  I love the process of transforming metals, bronze in particular  – a metal that is deeply connected with human history.  One technique I’m particularly passionate about is the ancient technique of Lost Wax Casting. I also continuously explore other techniques and processes for jewelry and crafts in general  –  that’s the life of a “maker!”
My work fuses ancient techniques with an industrial, minimalist, urban vibe.  Each authentic piece represents my brand – the place where past, present, and future meet.  

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